5 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring Machine Learning Engineers

June 4, 2020

Part of finding the right machine learning engineers for your projects is having the right questions. Here are interview questions to ask possible employees.

Machine learning. Artificial intelligence. Algorithmic improvement.

There are a hundred and one different terms that are given to this concept. But, whatever term that it goes by, the simple fact is that machine learning has massive business implications.

It's vital a company is able to harness the power of big data to improve and optimize its operations. This will lead to it soon being far ahead of its competition.

Explore this article if you're looking to hire a machine learning engineer to start realizing the benefits of artificial intelligence in your business. Read on to learn these interview questions to ask as you undergo the hiring process.

1. Explain Regressions

The first thing that every machine learning engineer should be familiar with is the concept of regressions. This is the fundamental concept that allows machines to recognize patterns in large amounts of data. Any would-be machine learning engineer should be able to explain the concept.

A regression is essentially a pattern that links two or more variables. This is precisely what allows machine learning to correlate a function and output in your business. You can also receive recommendations on how to optimize business functions for the desired output.

2. What Machine Learning Tools Have You Used?

There are many different machine learning tools available on the market. If your company has already invested in certain tools, then you need to make sure that the engineer you're interviewing has experience with those tools or will be able to pick them up quickly. 

3. What's Your Approach With Missing Data?

One of the principal setbacks that can hamper the effectiveness of machine learning is missing data. After all, machine learning works off of data — when there are large data gaps, it's unable to recognize and form patterns.

Ask your machine learning consultant what they would do in the context of a data gap, and how they would work to retrieve or start collecting missing data. 

4. How Do You Check Your Work?

One thing that your engineer must be able to do is to check their work before presenting it. Otherwise, your company could easily make some hard-to-reverse decisions based on bad data. Make sure that the engineer you're interviewing has a habit of checking their work before presenting it as gospel. 

5. Work This Case Study

This isn't a specific question, but it will give you an excellent insight into the quality of a machine learning engineer candidate. Give them a case study and ask them to work it. The case study should mirror the kind of work that the engineer would be expected to perform at your company.

This will give you a preview into the engineer's thought process and work quality. This allows you to gauge whether or not they're a good fit.

Interview Questions to Ask a Machine Learning Engineer

Now that you know the right interview questions to ask a machine learning engineer, all that remains is for you to find the right expert to help you.

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