Horia M.

Executive Data Science

About: I earned a master's degree in Statistics from Stanford University, after earning two bachelor degrees in Cognitive and Computer Science at the University of California- Berkeley. My industry accomplishments include: * directed a globally distributed team of data engineers, product analysts, and data scientists * managed a bi-coastal team of data scientists and machine learning engineers for a Fortune 100 * built and directed a team of data science / machine learning professional service providers * consulted as a principal data scientist and as an AI product architect for Fortune 500 companies - during which time my predictions for AI industry trends were featured in both CIO Magazine and in Forbes - my projects included drug discovery based on historical data from molecular tests in assays (petri dish farms) * published applications of AI for behavioral therapy in peer reviewed scientific journals - winning honorable mention for my applied AI publication at the prestigious ACM - being interviewed by the Stanford newspaper for my applied AI in behavioral therapy * co-founded a funded start-up building AI applications for cloud orchestration and resource management * created and presented a globally syndicated, expert level course on developing AI for business process optimization Throughout my career, spanning 10 years of professional experience in the Silicon Valley, I have differentiated myself by applying highly novel methods and approaches to tackling complex business problems. As a result, my predictions for business applications of AI have been featured in both CIO Magazine and in Forbes.

Services: Consulting Modeling Engineering Education