Sandhya M.

Data Scientist

About: I am an Engineer turned data scientist with passion towards data science. I have a bachelors degree in engineering and started work as a Quality Analyst engineer, and my passion for data science inspired me to pursue masters degree in data science and started working in this field. I have with experience in Predictive modelling, forecasting with large datasets. Worked on different projects related to finance and retail. Currently, working developing classification model to predict customer churn. Also, working on building dashboards of feedback data and other sales data to help sales and marketing team improve their strategies and sales. A lifelong learner, my dream is to work for projects that are bringing revolution and solutions for many problems in the world. Programming / Software Development: SQL, NoSQL, Python, R, C#, Hadoop, spark, Ad-Hoc Data Analytics / Visualization: Machine Learning models, Power BI, Tableau, Scikit, Excel github:

Services: Modeling Engineering

Skills: natural language processing machine learning data visualization data science python