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You've heard of machine learning but aren't sure how it fits into your business? Need someone who knows that framework your in-house team isn't well versed in? Want to run your pipeline by a machine learning expert?

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Modeling experiments with data and machine learning methods to create a model that provides a solution to a business challenge. Common tasks include:

  • Working in tight connection with business stakeholders to specify what needs to be modeled
  • Finding available data and preparing it for modeling
  • Experimenting with machine learning and deep learning methods
  • Tuning hyperparameters and optimizing model performance

Data science modeling is about creating a model that answers a real business need, makes the most use of data and at the same time is as accurate as possible.

If you know how machine learning can help you, but don't have the necessary expertise to build a model, create a request on Leverness.


Machine learning engineering puts a machine learning model into production. It builds on the work done by data scientists and can include:

  • Integration of the model with data sources, such as databases or streaming sources
  • Scaling the model so that it can handle multiple user requests at the same time
  • Designing user experience and integrating the model with user interface
  • Moving the model onto edge devices such as mobile phones
  • Creating pipelines with automated model deployment, CI/CD and MLOps

In other words, machine learning engineering builds models into products that can be confidently rolled out to users.

If you have a model and want to take the next step of integrating it into your product, post an engineering request on Leverness.


Your data science team deserves to stay up-to-date with the whirlwind of developments happening in machine learning every day. Whether it's a specific model like ResNet, a framework like Pytorch, or an overview of a topic, like graph networks, you want your team to have the best tools for their job.

Your company's management needs to understand how machine learning and data science can help drive your company's digital transformation.

Use Leverness to get experts that do corporate training in both technical and business aspects of machine learning.

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