Machine Learning Consulting


You've heard of machine learning but aren't sure how it fits into your business? Need someone who knows that framework your in-house team isn't well versed in? Want to run your pipeline by a machine learning expert?

Post a request on Leverness and get the answers. We have experts with both deep technical expertise and business understanding of machine learning.

What Leverness experts can do for you

Get advice on business or technical aspects of machine learning, such as:

  • How data science and machine learning fits into your business
  • Have an expert consult your in-house team on a particular framework or approach
  • Run your pipeline by a machine learning expert

Consulting work done on Leverness

Makeup Studio

Facial type and details recognition, providing advice on makeup following fashion trends.

7 hours, $70/hour

Guidance on using machine learning for product sizing

We're a European online fashion startup who needed guidance on using machine learning to address the problem of product sizing. We sell online only, and almost half of our products are returned. We were looking to reduce that number, and a Leverness expert helped us navigate the opportunities that machine learning can offer.

Fixed rate: $500

Transportation route planning and balancing

An expert worked with a logistics company to develop approaches to plan truck routes and balance the load factor. A set of approaches using reinforcement learning was proposed and accepted for further development.

15 hours, $80/hour