Machine Learning Modeling


Run experiments with data and machine learning methods to create a model that provides a solution to your business challenge. Common tasks include:

  • Working in tight connection with business stakeholders to specify what needs to be modeled
  • Finding available data and preparing it for modeling
  • Experimenting with machine learning and deep learning methods
  • Tuning hyperparameters and optimizing model performance

Data science modeling is about creating a model that answers a real business need, makes the most use of data and at the same time is as accurate as possible.

If you know how machine learning can help you, but don't have the necessary expertise to build a model, create a request on Leverness.

What Leverness experts can do for you

Have an expert help you:

  • Identify data sources
  • Run experiments with machine learning and deep learning methods
  • Tune hyperparameters and optimize model performance

Modeling work done on Leverness

Hospital department shifts planning

Automatic generation of shifts schedule for 1200+ hospital staff.

30 hours, $12/hour

Pet store online ordering suggestions

Generate a list of goods for a variety of pets by their kind, age, breed, preferences, etc.

17 hours, $25/hour

Identify site timesheet mistakes

Detection of uncommon, suspicious, incorrect, incomplete or inconsistent timesheet data.

43 hours, $35/hour