Need expert help for your machine learning initiative?

Many organizations looking to use data science and machine learning don't have access to the necessary expertise. Whether you need to:

  • Understand how machine learning can power your products or services
  • Determine specific steps in implementing machine learning in your organization
  • Experiment with machine learning models
  • Add machine learning to your production environment
  • Enhance the competences of your data science team with corporate training

Leverness has experts in many areas of machine learning, so you can leverage the power of machine learning right away.

Machine learning work done in 4 easy steps

1. Requester posts a request

Post a request for consulting, implementation, corporate training in machine learning or artificial intelligence.

2. Experts send proposals

Experts send proposals to perform the request, requester selects the expert to do the job.

3. Work gets done

Expert performs the work on the request. Hello, happy machine learning strategy or new artificial intelligence algorithm!

4. We handle payments

We take care of payments between the requester and the expert. We retain a 10% service fee.